Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival - Multicultural Festival

Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival

Mungindi Music Festival - 2 Day

AMP - “Journey of a Nation” – 4 day  (toured Australia-wide)


Reality Cruises- Conferences and Seminars on board a private charter boat

SRACA National Conference Brisbane – Hilton Hotel Medical Conference and Expo

Kath Dickson Family Centre “Caring for the Outback” - 3 day Conference; Stress Management Workshop; Wine Evening; Conference Dinner & Theatre Restaurant

Great Artesian Basin Consultative Council “GAB FEST : A Resource Under Pressure”

2.5 day Conference; Wine Evening; Symposium Dinner; 3 day Outback Tour

PNAQ - St Andrews Hospital   Medical Conference and Trade Show

Lifeline Darling Downs South West Queensland Masked Ball - 25th anniversary-

2 days State Conference

SRACA - Toowoomba Base Hospital – Medical Conference; Trade Show; Cocktail Party


Business Builders International – 2 day Marketing Mastery Seminar

Education Queensland Community Engagement Seminar

“You won't die from laughing” Stress Management Seminar

Bethania Lutheran Primary School Education Department Training Seminar (2 days)

Business Builders International Breakfast Seminar

Colonial First State Corporate Seminars and Road Show

Repco Auto Parts Regional Managers Meeting

Electrix 3-Week Regional Workshop (Maryborough, Toowoomba)


Condamine Alliance- Launch

Frontline Dinner with James Morrison (Scripture Union)

Heritage Building Society SQBEA Business Awards Dinner

Telstra Country Wide National Launch of Online Business Analysis Tool - Corporate Luncheon

Millmerran Power Station- Numerous Corporate Functions/ Celebrations

Ag Show Sponsors Cocktail Party

Ag Show Media Launch

CBC Bearing Co. Corporate Breakfast

Suncorp Metway Ltd. Call Centre Launch - Corporate Luncheon; Public Celebration

PPK Environment & Infrastructure “End of the line” Ceremony - Corporate Luncheon

Primary Industries Bank of Australia - Corporate Client Dinner

Toowoomba Newspapers Corporate Client Christmas Party

Toowoomba First Aid Corporate Cocktail Party

Ergon Energy Corporate Executive Luncheon (Carnival of Flowers)

QLD Cancer Fund Sel Rowling Fundraiser


Retirement & Senior's Expo

InBeef - Beef Expo

Women’s Well-being, Fashion, Hair & Fashion Showcase

PFD Food Expo

Toowoomba Money Expo

Chronicle Bridal Expo

Australian Gospel Music Festival (Queens Park Toowoomba)

Chronicle Bridal Fair (Rumors International Toowoomba)

Pet and Animal Expo (Queens Park Toowoomba)

Wine and Food Expo – (held at Ag-Show)

Top of the Range Food Products – Food Expo

Domestic and Rural Animal Expo – (held at Ag-Show)


Peter Roberts Car Sales opening of new show room and premises

Telstra Country Wide - National Launch of Online Business Analysis Tool - Corporate Luncheon

Suncorp Metway Ltd. - Call Centre Launch - Corporate Luncheon; Public Celebration

AUSTAR - Launch of new channel

Alquip - Launch of new premises (Cocktail Party)

Centenary Heights High School - Corporate Launch of School Based Apprenticeship Program


Financial Planning Association 10th Anniversary Dinner

Bank of Queensland (Brisbane) Christmas Party

Success in Networking Group - Christmas Party

Kmart Shopping Plaza - Christmas Party

Harristown State High School - End of year Senior Formal

Kath Dickson Family Day Care Centre - 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Celebration

Willowburn Soccer Club - 50 year Golden Anniversary Gala Dinner - 550 guests

Army Aviation Centre - Army Officer's Ball

Toowoomba Master Swimmers - Presentation Dinner

Weddings - ranging in budgets and styles

Telstra Country Wide – Annual Conference Dinner Celebration (Roma)

Toowoomba Church of Christ Celebration Dinner


Raiders Soccer club

Garden City Soccer Club

St Mary’s College Fundraising

SWQ Zone Soccer Fund Raiser

Fistula Hospital Ethiopia Fashion parade

Futuristic Total Make Over Competition (junior and senior hairdressing competition)

Newtown Hockey Club – Toowoomba